Aeronautical Engineering, Material & Production Optimization
Experience and Expertise

As a company led by true flight and aerodynamic lovers, Aero Sol has started its path as a UAV platform manufacturer for the leading Aerospace industries in Israel; therefore, naturally, during the course of the last few years, our capabilities were expanded to aeronautical engineering, composite material, mechanical and manufacture process design


Various Capabilities

We see it as our mission to constantly widen our field of expertise to offer a unique service of UAV production optimization. This service allows us to reduce weight, increase flight duration and efficiency, conduct process and material intelligent selections and provide overall cost savings while still making sure we improve performance.

Thanks to years of accumulated experience in delivering high-end aeronautical parts and platforms to the variety of UAV industries in Israel, and to producing a self-designed Mini UAV system, Aero sol offers both manufacturing and upgrading services for existing UAV parts, as well as full turn-key platform design and manufacturing service.



From early prototyping stages, through test flights, trials, experiments and to serial mass production and operational UAV’s-Aero Sol is your partner, committed to deliver results beyond your expectations!

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