Low Energy Absorption Radomes for Radars & Antennas

Every lid has its cover exactly like each antenna has its radome. The final compatibility should be perfect. Here at Aero Sol, we initiate each Radome process with a commitment of finding the most cost effective fit for your antenna. This matching process leans on great experience and knowledge, allowing us to best understand every client’s needs in various aspects: dielectric, impact, strength, and structure requirements.


We start the mutual process by evaluating the initial expected needs in order to produce a customized first prototype. Then, after the client’s testing process, we produce another improved prototype based on a set of educated conclusions. This iteration will remain ongoing until reaching the end goal – Finding a perfect radome for your antenna that will complement its abilities and expand them. If you are looking for a way to produce a radome in the most focused process, to ensure price reduction but not compromise on quality- we are here to fulfill your every need. Aero Sol has become the most suitable partner for producing the perfectly fit radome for you.

Various Capabilities

We specialize in production of radomes, Antennas and Reflectors in various configurations:

  • Airborne, naval and ground
  • Low dielectric and low energy absorption materials
  • Fiberglass / Aramid; solid laminate; sandwich honeycomb & other core materials.
  • Tinting and finish under strict quality control and supervision
  • Custom design according to product frequency and strain distribution
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