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Construction of Environment & Impact Resistance Enclosure


On Point Solutions

Aero Sol offers boutique customization and design services of payload enclosures for aerospace, maritime and other special industrial fields.

Various Capabilities

Our techniques solve any engineering-related complexity according to specific client needs and existing components. We pack any optic and electronic parts in an optimized composite material shell to create a finalized aerodynamic structure with fit-for-flight characteristics. While doing so, we ensure weight reduction and construct a detailed geometry structure, both critical for airborne payloads and enhanced flight duration.

We specialize in creating the best weight-to-strength ratio and guarantee strong impact resistance and a thin shell. Our standards include air and nitrogen sealing as well as different environmental resistance criteria: high altitude bearing, reliability in wide temperature ranges, UV radiation and sea water resistance.


Aero Sol accompanies its partners as a solution finder by identifying early needs, planning the right structural way to address them, performing high level testing and reaching the final serial production line together.

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