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Design & Production of Custom Helmets & Head Gear
Experience and Expertise

Over the last few years, Aero Sol has established its status as a certified MIL-STD pilot helmet manufacturer. Aero sol was involved in the design, development and production of the next generation of airborne pilot helmets and through this project, gained experience and expertise in this unique field.

Various Capabilities

Our experience enables us to custom design head gear for the military Special Forces, identify specific needs and adjust design, development and production processes of helmet covers according to the client’s requirements. The best end product is achieved by solving complicated issues such as: heat dissipation, EMI & RFI, weight to strength ratio optimization, mechanical space solutions and construction of complex geometrical structures.


Aero Sol offers to accompany its clients from the very beginning- designing molds, choosing the right materials and prototyping, to eventually reach production when all is truly ready. We also offer accompanying safety experiments to make sure you pass them with flying colors.

In cooperation with ELBIT SYSTEMS, Aero Sol has developed an Aramid based pilot helmet shell that meets the requirements of MIL-DTL- 87174A. Aero Sol can also custom design firefighter helmets, shells and covers.

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