Development and Production of Composite Models & Prototypes
Experience and Expertise

Aero Sol’s wide experience enables out-of-the-box solution searching in all stages- Design, development and production of composite material structures, parts and components, including model and prototype production.
Aero Sol acts as a one-stop-shop while accompanying the client from design to production of a variety of parts and components.


Various Capabilities

Aero Sol offers tooling and manufacturing capabilities for both small scale and serial mass production while maintaining strict quality control standards.
During this process Aero Sol guarantees to find creative and quick production solutions by using the most advanced methods in order to improve weight-strength ratio and minimize time as well as production expenses.


Partner with us to improve your development and production timeline, engineer innovative solutions and reach high efficiency for complex projects. Contact us to get an optimized solution that will suit your various needs of the aerospace & defense industry.

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